Monday Morning Ramblings

In my last post I said I would do a 30 day writing challenge to get myself writing again. Obviously, that has not happened. I looked at the 30 day challenges I could find online and didn’t really like any of them. I should probably just take the better prompts from each one and make my own, but that seems like a lot of work. So, I guess I’m left with trying to do this on my own. Today I’m just going to ramble about stuff going on in my life.

I started my new position this week. It still feels really odd to be working in a new branch with new coworkers. I’m not used to not knowing things. Everything feels off. It probably doesn’t help that the timing was weird. My last week at my old branch was Thanksgiving week, so I didn’t get a normal send off. My goodbye party was a week before I left and a lot of my coworkers were gone when I walked out the door for the last time. It also comes on the heels of adjusting to life without my mom. I was already feeling a little off kilter. Now, it is enhanced. I probably won’t fully adjust until after my Christmas vacation, but I’m sure I will get there.

Last night I set my Facebook to friends only for the first time in a long time. I’m used to getting random friend requests from people I don’t know. I’m used to random people following me on Facebook. I’m not sure why the recent few requests seemed weirder than the rest, but my gut told me something was off, so instead of just denying the request but not worrying about them seeing my posts, I changed the security settings on my account. I might eventually go back to public, but for now I feel like it needs to be locked down. I’m sure most people think being public was dumb in the first place.

Finally, another sign that it is the end times – I’m actually in first place in my fantasy football league. This never happens. So, the Cubs win the series, Trump wins the election, I get a new job and I’m winning fantasy football. I’m pretty sure the end of the world is nigh.


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