Slump Day(or Month)

My Facebook “On This Day” tells me that this time last year I read my 100th book of the year. This year I haven’t even reached 90 book and 100 is looking less and less likely. I have been in a reading slump. Even when I have a book I like I can’t seem to focus on reading for more than a few minutes at a time. The same happens with writing. I have not posted in a while because I can’t seem to focus on that either. I’m sure an addiction to checking my phone constantly is part of this, but I don’t think it is the only thing.

It has been a trying, stressful fall. I was back and forth from Kentucky to visit my mom, I spent the time I wasn’t there worrying about the phone call that she was gone. I got the phone call and then went to Kentucky for the funeral. I came back from Kentucky, interviewed for a new job at work. i got the job and have spent the last two weeks preparing to leave and saying goodbye to some very close friends. This week I started the new job and am adjusting to a new routine. All of this has made it hard to just sit and read or write without all sorts of stressful thoughts barging in. Now, it’s time to prepare for Christmas. Maybe the break and the trip home to Kentucky will help clear my head. I really do miss enjoying reading.

On the writing front – I might find another 30 day writing challenge for December to get back in the groove so brace yourselves for more posts.

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