The Little Things

Recently at church part of the message talked about holding the door for people. I recently saw a Facebook post where someone shared a list of things they were going to do and one was “hold the door for strangers” I’m not writing this to brag(though I am pretty awesome), but I have always held the door open for people. All people. Men, women, young, old, friend, stranger. When did we become the type of world where such a little thing becomes something that needs a reminder? Did we stop because people stopped saying thank you? Are we only being nice for the acknowledgement? Did we stop because we thought people would be offended by the idea that they couldn’t open the door for themselves? Is anyone out there reading this offended when someone holds the door for them?  I know it is a little thing, but little things matter. You never know when a little thing can have a big impact on someone. Here are some little things I can think of that can make the world just a little better. Add some of your own in the comments.

If able, hold the door for strangers.

Before snapping your order at them, say good morning to your barista and remember to thank them.

Pay for the next person’s order in the drive through.

Smile at people you pass on the street. Say hello.

If you are in school, sit with someone who eats lunch alone.

If able, give your seat on the train to someone who might need it.

Be nicer on the roads. Give people room to merge. Wave a thank you to those who let you do the same.

Maybe once we get in the habit of doing the little things it will lead to some bigger and better things.



One thought on “The Little Things

  1. I hold the door for people and always appreciate it if someone does the same for me. I always say thank you. Being pleasant to the cashier wherever you are shopping is also a little thing. I try to put on my happy face no matter how I feel because why should I impose my grumpiness on an innocent service person who didn’t do anything to me? Maybe that’s because I’ve been on the other side of the counter and am working retail once again (very part time).

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