Tired Monday

Don’t worry, only the first paragraph is politics:

As I was scrolling through Twitter and Facebook this weekend,  I saw several people posting that a “conscience vote”, a “protest vote” or any 3rd party vote is a wasted vote. I was thinking how tired I am of hearing this every election. I might agree that the protest votes are dumb, especially if you are voting someone with whom you don’t agree on the issues. I don’t agree, however, that any 3rd party vote is a wasted vote of that voting your conscience is bad. If you truly believe that a 3rd party candidate is the best candidate then it is not a wasted vote.

Other things that I’m tired of:

Betty White – I know everyone loves her and her feisty old lady act, but I just find it tiring at the point. I saw the news that she will be on Bones again for the final season and I feel like that just means a large part of the episode will be wasted with her “I’m an old lady who talks about sex” routine.

Quitters – People who declare they are never watching a show again because an actor left or a character was killed. People who declare they are leaving Facebook or Twitter(and then inevitably return). People who stop watching their team because they have a bad season. Quitters never win.

Nerds and Introverts – I’m both, bur I’m still tired of the “celebration” of both. Big Bang Theory, Scorpion, articles about how great introverts are, celebrities and random people declaring they are nerds or introverts. People who aren’t either pretending they are because they are being celebrated. Just stop already.

Bandwagon Jumpers – Since my team was not in the playoffs and my second team(the local one) lost I had two things I cheered for in baseball – a Cubs win and a Nats loss. I got both of them. I was happy the Cubs won, but now I go back to being a Braves fan. I’m not going to buy a t-shirt or be a Cubs fan until they are bad again. One good thing about the Braves being bad for a while is that we shed all of the bandwagon fans who once laughed at me for being a fan of the worst team in baseball. There is nothing worse than someone who is so desperate to feel like a winner that they latch on to winners to feel good about themselves.

Complainers – people who make lists complaining about things they are tired of. Also, people who end sentences with of.

Edit: I’m also tired of me forgetting to add a title to posts before I hit publish. That’s really dumb.

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