Safety First?

I was reminded of this rant of mine when seeing all of the “be safe” Halloween messages

The World's Common Tater

We interrupt the regularly scheduled writing challenge for this breaking rant:

You know what phrase I am getting tired of seeing? Safety first. It is snowing in Maryland today. The roads are wet. Some schools remained open. Some schools closed. As usual, parents are losing their minds. Those who want school closed before the first snowflake falls always use the mantra “safety first.” We can’t possibly send our kids to school when there is an inch of snow. Someone might slip and fall. Safety first! We can’t possibly let our kids play outside without constant supervision(even though crime rates are down). Safety first! I can’t let my kid go on a school field trip unless I go and watch their every move. Safety first! My kid can’t leave the house until they are wrapped safely in bubble wrap. Safety first!

I’m not saying safety isn’t important. We should be thinking…

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