Tater’s Friday Ramblings

I tend to post more on Fridays because I’m either home all day or I’m going to work an hour later than normal. I have less time in the mornings on other days and I don’t generally post at night when everyone else is at home. If I’m going to tend toward one post on Fridays I need to remember to keep notes somewhere through the week to remind of things to write about so I don’t ramble quite so much.

This was my first week back to work after being home for my mom’s funeral. It has helped being back and being in my stretch of working 7 days in a row. Busy is good. It does mean, though, that I am seeing people for the first time since I’ve returned which has meant a series of condolences and occasional hugs. I’ve never been someone who is comfortable with that type of thing, so it’s been a little weird. What’s weirder are the people who ask a series of questions regarding her death. ¬†It is really better to jut say you are sorry and move along. You don’t really need the details of her health and asking if I was there just reminds me I wasn’t. Maybe I’m just in my anger phase of grief, but those interactions really irritated me. I do appreciate the thoughts, prayers and card from friends and coworkers and the fruit basket the library sent(although it said “from your friends at HCLS and I wasn’t aware I had any).I don’t want to sound like I don’t appreciate everything. I just don’t get the questioning part of it.

On a less depressing note, I have a complaint about a book. I’m not going to give the title of the book because I’m going to post how it ends and I don’t want spoiler complaints. I listened to a teen book recently. The book was about the friendship between two boys. One of the boys was openly gay. The other boy talked a lot about girls, so I thought he was openly straight(is that still the PC term?). I thought the story was going to be a lesson that these boys could still be friends. I thought the one boy would learn that he could love his gay friend without being in love with him. I think that is a story we need. Instead, the writer decided that the boy who seemed to not be gay really was and was in love with his friend. I was irritated by this the same way I’m irritated by books that make it seem like a boy and girl can’t be friends without at least one of them being secretly in love with the other. I have plenty of female friends. I always have had a lot of female friends. It’s possible to be friends with people of the opposite sex and not be in love with them(I guess it is possible they are all in love with me. I’m pretty awesome). I have friends who are gay. This is also possible without me being secretly gay. I can love my female friends and my gay male friends without being “in love” with them. Why can’t more books show this?

Happy Friday!

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