Monday Morning “I Don’t Want to Clean Bathrooms” Writing

EDIT: I poted this before giving it a title. I’m so good at this blogging stuff.


I keep trying to think of what I want to write this morning. It hasn’t been easy. A lot of what goes through my head is not the direction I want to take. A lot of the stuff in my head right now is not a fun place. There is disappointment and, to be honest, some bitterness that keeps seeping in to join my grief. I’m not going to go in to what this is about. That is the direction I’m trying to avoid. I post a lot about current events, but the news is all election all the time and I’m tired of it. At this point I just want it to be over. So, if I have nothing to write about why am I writing? Because when I finish this I have to clean the bathrooms and anything is better than that. So, what’s on my mind?

Hugs: I am not completely anti-hug. I am not someone who hugs people all the time and, in general, would prefer a handshake or perhaps a head nod in your general direction. This past week I have been hugged more times than I have in the past 10 years. I’m  not necessarily complaining, but I think this week should be the end of it. I’m ready to go back to basic hello’s or to being ignored completely. I’m much more comfortable being invisible.

The Walking Dead: The premiere of The Walking Dead was last night and we finally found out who was killed. Some people apparently knew early, but I was successfully able to avoid the spoilers. I wasn’t shocked. I had guessed it would be one of two people and both of those people were killed. I liked the characters, but I’m not someone who will declare I will never watch a show again because a character I liked is gone. I will stop watching a show if it starts to bore me or if I feel the writers have gone off track on what made me like the show, but not for a random character. I will still be watching TWD and probably will until the final episode.

Sports: At the beginning of the football season it looked like things were back to normal. UK football was bad and the Ravens were 3-0. Now, UK is 4-3 and in second place in the SEC east. A bowl game is within reach and we can even dream of a possible trip to the SEC championship game. It won’t happen, but we can dream. The Ravens have lost 4 in a row and are now 3-4. They fired the OC and the new OC still only calls 8 run play the entire game. I think whoever is making the hiring decisions on coordinators needs to have that responsibility taken from them. Something is broken and I’m not sure they know how to fix it. UK basketball has started and there is an exhibition game this Sunday. I can always count on UK basketball to brighten my sports world.

OK. That’s it. I’ve run out of things to bore you with, I guess I have to go clean bathrooms now.


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