Tater Takes on Driving

I hate driving and, unfortunately, find myself driving at least an hour a day for my commute. The worst thing about the suburbs is how much you have to drive. You still have people all over the place, but none of the convenience of a city. If I’m going to live around a bunch of people, I would rather be in a city where I could walk or take transit everywhere. If I’m going to live where I have to drive everywhere, I would rather be in the country where there aren’t a lot of people. The burbs are the worst, especially if you hate driving around a lot of other people.

The thing that has irritated me the most recently is the tendency for everyone to line up on one particular lane at a traffic light on a multiple lane road. Driving home through Ft. Meade, 175 goes from one lane to two. I have missed the light at that area so many times because everyone lines up in the left lane and no one uses the right. The left lane slowly moves forward while the right lane stays empty. By the time I get to where I can merge to the empty right lane, the light is changing. This type of thing also happens close to work where everyone gets in the right lane at a light because they are taking a right exit a half mile down the road. If you are actually turning right at the light you can’t get to the turn lane because of all the cars. I get that you want to be ready to take the exit, but I guarantee you will be able to merge over once those of us turning right are able to turn. I’m sure there are logical reasons for this, but it drives me crazy.

This one is not a driver issue, but traffic flow issues. They recently added a much-needed traffic light to an intersection near my house. Unfortunately, they did not feel the need to add a left turn light from the very busy main road. So, when the light turns green, the cars turning left sit and wait forever for all of the cars to go through the light. Sometimes this means one or two cars get to turn left when the light turns yellow. This sometimes causes a major backup on the road. Why not just add a turn light? Who decided these things? I also am annoyed with the roads with a left turn only lane at a light with the straight and right turn lane being the same when only one side of the street goes at a time. It makes more sense for straight and left to be the same lane with a right turn only lane so the right turn people can go right on red if possible. This obviously, changes if both directions are green at the same time. In that case, you don’t want left and straight sharing a lane. Am I the only one who thinks this makes more sense? Did my explanation even make sense?

Other things that continue to annoy me:

Driving slow in the left turn lane.

Refusing to turn right on red because you are waiting for all three lanes to be clear before you go.

Slamming on your brakes before going through a green light.

Slowing to 10 mph below the speed limit a mile before your actual exit.

Driving on the shoulder to cut in line at a merge area.

Not using your lights in the rain.

Not using your turn signal, ever.

Feel free to add yours in the comments.


7 thoughts on “Tater Takes on Driving

  1. Talking on the phone while driving slowly and erratically.

    Being the first car at the red light and not noticing the light’s turned or failing to start up in a reasonable amount of time. If you’re the first person in line, especially during rush hour or heavy traffic, it’s your responsibility to get going wihin seconds, not minutes of the light’s changing. i hate people who have no regard for anyone other than themselves.

    I could probably go on.

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  2. Using your phone while waiting at a light, then not paying attention to the light change. I have had to sit through two cycles of a signal as the second car in line (my horn is broken) because they don’t notice the light has changed.

    Texting, Snap Chatting, Tindering etc while driving.

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  3. I have to say, the two columns confused me here. I’ve never seen a blog with the text itself splitting like that, so I thought the right column was links or something.

    Anyway, my least favorite light is the one on Brokenland near 32, when coming from Guilford. There are two lights in a row just feet apart, and they’re on the same timer. So from the first light you get to watch the left turn light turn green at the second light with nobody there, and then finally turn red with nobody getting to go through it because the light 20 feet away is still also red.

    But that wasn’t your question. My pet peeve is people going too slow in the left lane, especially if they’re keeping pace with a car in the lane next to them. YOU AREN’T TEACHING ME A LESSON ABOUT NOT SPEEDING, YOU’RE JUST IMPEDING TRAFFIC.

    Also, I agree, suburbs are the worst. Why do we live in them?


    1. You comment was sent to spam so I just now saw it. I’m not sure why there are columns. It didn’t look like that in the preview. Maybe I will play with it a little more. I live in the suburbs because my wife said so.


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