TV Tonight, September 23 Plus a Review and an Observation

We watched Pitch last night. It is the show about the first female MLB player. It starts with her first day with the team and includes flashbacks to her dad training her. I do agree with some who say that there are several sports movie cliches in the opener, bur being someone who loves sports movies, I didn’t mind them at all. It was well done and enjoyable and I will watch it again.

An observation: I look at comments on to see how others grade the new shows and I always see people who not just predict a show will be canceled, but basically demand it be canceled. I see the same for returning shows. People apparently think any show they hate should immediately be taken off the air. I guess they think it can be replaced with something better? I think they should just find something else to watch at that time or, maybe read a book.

On to tonight:

ABC: Last Man Standing at 8, Dr. Ken at 8:30, Shark Tank at 9, 20/20 at 10. I actually like Last Man Standing, but they have added Jay Leno’s horrible character as a full time character. The more he’s inserted in the how the less time they have for the better stuff. That might do it for me.

CBS: Macgyver at 8, Hawaii 5-0 at 9, Blue Bloods at 10. I have no hope that the new MacGyver will be good, but I will watch it. I still really enjoy Blue Bloods.

FOX: Hell’s Kitchen at 8, The Exorcist at 9. I sense a theme.

NBC: Repeats of Superstore and The Good Place followed by Dateline at 10.

CW: Masters of Illusion at 8 followed by repeats of Masters and Penn and Teller.

Cable: Disney and Nick have new episodes of some kids shows. Syfy has Z Nation and Van Helsing

My advice: Watch Macgyver and Blue Bloods. Record Last Man Standing if you like Tim Allen. Maybe catch up on shows you DVR’ed earlier in the week. Or, don’t be like me and actually go out and do something fun. I hear some people actually do that.

3 thoughts on “TV Tonight, September 23 Plus a Review and an Observation

  1. Remedial Stitcher September 23, 2016 / 12:14 pm

    I did not know they were revisiting MacGyver. Bad idea. I don’t see anything I need to watch tonight. What will the final resting place be for the Good Place? I’m so confused.


    • theycallmetater September 23, 2016 / 12:28 pm

      Thursday nights at 8:30. Monday was a special premiere and tonight is a repeat of last night’s episode.


      • Remedial Stitcher September 23, 2016 / 12:30 pm

        Thanks! I’ll put it on my calendar, the only way I’ll remember.


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