Tater’s Take on Kaepernick Taking a Stand(by Sitting)

Not that anyone wants another middle-aged white guy's opinion on the way a person of color decides to protest oppression, but here it goes anyway:

First, and most important is that the best thing about this country is freedom. We have freedom of speech and freedom of expression right there in the Constitution. If you truly believe in these freedoms,  you will believe that he has a right to express himself in this way. We have the right to not stand up for the national anthem, not say the pledge of allegiance and to even burn the flag if we choose. It's part of what makes this country great. On the other hand, you have the right to think he is an asshole and say that as much as you want. I have the right to write a rambling, most likely wishy-washy, blog post about the situation. It's what makes this country great. Everyone has the right to voice their opinions no matter how it makes someone else feel.

Now, on to the decision not to stand during the national anthem. I am someone who gets annoyed at the games when people around me chat during the anthem, so not standing during the anthem is not something  I, personally, would do. I will say, however, if given the choice between someone not standing to make a statement as a person of color about oppression or standing, but chatting asshole white guys who talk and guzzle beer during the anthem(something I see at every game) I will choose the person making the statement I'm sure the beer guzzling chatterers think they have the high road here because they are standing. I disagree. I will take Kaep every time over these guys. I will also take him over the people saying he should leave the country if he doesn't think it's so great while wearing "Make America Great Again" hats. So you also don't think America is currently great? Are you leaving soon? Please say yes.

So, how do I personally feel? I think it's good that he feels strongly about something and wants to make a statement to try to change things. I think his statement was heard because everyone is talking about it. I think I would never choose to sit out the national anthem(though I think it's odd to now be expected to also stand during Lee Greenwood's God Bless the USA), but I also realize that I do not have the same personal feelings he does about the country. I believe that not standing leaves him open to more people thinking he's an asshole than respecting his stance and I wonder if that is an effective strategy. I think that if you think this is bad then you better not be the person chatting, eating and downing a beer during the same song at the games. I've never really liked him and now I dislike him a little more than before.


One thought on “Tater’s Take on Kaepernick Taking a Stand(by Sitting)

  1. Reblogged this on The World's Common Tater and commented:

    I was going to write something new, but with Kaep in the local news , I decided to comment on this knee jerk reaction post from when he first took a knee.
    Things I still think: He has the freedom to express himself by taking a knee. You have the right to express that you hate him for that. These freedoms are part of what makes America great. I will still take him over the white guys who stand but chat, drink beer and make fun of the singers during the national anthem.
    Feelings that changed – For some reason I was not a fan before this and that was part of my knee jerk reaction to hate him more. As time has gone by, I’ve discoverd I like and respect him more now and would be happy to have him on my team.


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