Tater’s Take on the North Carolina and Mississippi Laws

So, I’m starting this post not really knowing exactly what I plan to write. I’ve had some stuff pop in my head this week, but not enough for a full post. I really need to start taking notes through the week. I also dreamed I wrote a really good blog post this week. Apparently I’m a much better writer in my dreams. edit: turns out I’m writing about one topic. Keeping this here, because I really didn’t know where it was going when I started. Edit #2: I knew I was against the laws. I jut didn’t know the whole post would be on the subject.

One thing I’ve been thinking about this week are the new laws in North Carolina and Mississippi that basically legalize discrimination. Imagine these laws, but replace LGBTQ with African-American, white, Christian, etc. Actually, I will help you with that:

“It would violate my religious beliefs to be forced to serve African American customers”

“I don’t believe in interracial marriage and should not be forced to bake a cake for them”

“As an atheist it is my right to refuse service to Christians”

Now, I know there are people who will say they would be OK with that, but I find it hard to believe that the people who believe someone saying “Happy Holidays” is religious persecution would be OK with the third quote.

Also, it is not violation of your rights to be asked to bake a cake for someone. It would be a violation of your rights if you were told someone else’s religion prevented you from marrying the person you love or if you were forced to marry someone you didn’t want to marry.

Also, I find it interesting that a lot of the people who are OK with refusing service to the LGBTQ community are the same people who are furious that businesses ban guns from the premises. I guess their slogan is “Guns, not gays”. Seems weird to me. Personally, if given a choice I would rather be in a restaurant with a member of the LGBTQ community than a random person with a gun. I’m pretty sure LGBTQ people have never been used in a mass killing. Someone can correct me if I’m wrong.

And, finally, the whole bathroom thing. We are being told that allowing transgender people to use the restroom of the gender with which they identify is dangerous to our kids. Personally, I would rather my kid be in the restroom with a transgender person than a US politician.

Senator pleaded guilty, reportedly after bathroom stall incident

Jon Hinson Gets Caught in the Men’s Room

Florida state Rep. Bob Allen guilty in bathroom-sex case

I really don’t get how anyone can claim these laws are OK. Legal discrimination is not OK. I thought this had been determined a while back. Do we really want to move the country backward?


3 thoughts on “Tater’s Take on the North Carolina and Mississippi Laws

  1. Surprised to see people still think we live in a free country (goes the same about Canada, people are fools if they think otherwise!)…. they all like to push “freedom of speech” and “freedom to own or not a gun”… and then other rights are totally knocked to the curb. I fear that it will only get worse and the people in power will only pass bills that benefit some and never all… because they also tell us “you can never please them all”

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