Different is bad

I thought of this one when reading a Post article about the “Trump Effect” Trump is not the cause. He is a symptom of the hate I was talking about here.

The World's Common Tater

This weekend we were in DC for a White House tour.  After the tour, we went to a gift shop across the street where we saw a woman accost the store clerk because they had a Sarah Palin item in the store.  She was angry that the store would dare to stock an item that went against her personal beliefs.

Not too long ago there was a campaign on Facebook asking people to demand businesses turn off FOX News.  I guess it is offensive to them that someone might have a different political stance than them.

There is the recent story of a pastor planning to burn Qurans, the Westboro protests, protests against a mosque in Mississippi and many more.

Just recently it was in the news again that a young person committed suicide after people harassed them because they did not like their sexual orientation.  Every day in schools…

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