Friday’s Tater’s Takes

  1. Trump vs the Pope:  I hate to admit that I agree with Terrible Orange, I have to say that I agree with him on the Pope. Sure Donald Trump says a lot of horrible things and has many opinions that would lead me to believe that he is a “Christian of Convenience” in order to get the conservative vote, but it’s not mine nor the Pope’s place to comment on someone else’s faith. You can say that his words and actions are not Christ-like, but you can’t say he is not a Christian. I know it seems the same, but it’s really not.
  2. Missing Marco: It’s already been a big campaign issue that Marco Rubio misses work a lot as a Senator. In today’s Post there is a story about Rubio’s time on a 9-11 committee. According to the story, Rubio missed nearly half the meetings in the first five months, missed hours of expert testimony and was absent for more than 20 votes. Rubio was the Republican I thought I could vote for, but the more I hear about things like this, the less I like him.Why would we elect a president who won’t show up for work? I don’t care who you are or what your job is you have to how up and do your job. I can’t stand people with no work ethic.
  3. Weather Hype: In case you haven’t noticed, it’s winter. In winter it is cold and sometimes it snows. Sometimes there is severe weather that warrants a lot of talk and warnings. When there is a major snowstorm it makes sense to tell people to stay off the roads. When the wind chills recently were supposed to be below zero it made sense to warn people of the dangers of the cold. What drives me crazy is when we get an inch of snow and the news goes in to special report status and warns people that it’s dangerous outside and they should all stay home. IT’S THE WHITE FLAKES OF DEATH! YOU’RE ALL GONNA DIE! Or yesterday when the temperatures were in the 30’s and the wind chills in the 20’s and the weather person stressed how we all needed to wear layers, hats, gloves, scarves, kill a large animal and burrow inside for warmth. No wonder everyone panics and demands their kids never go to school in the winter.
  4. The Blues: Those times when you are melancholy for no good reason and it feels like no one wants you around. It’s not fun, especially when you’re pretty sure that it’t not just the blues and everyone really does wish you would go away for good.

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