Why Everyone Should Hate Me

Thought I would reshare this one so the new readers know why they should hate me

The World's Common Tater

Note: I was in the zone and had a better version of this typed and then lost it all. This is my attempt at recreating it.

I am a Christian. I truly believe in the Holy Trinity and that Jesus died for our sins. I attend church regularly and spent years working with a church youth group. I am also pro gay marriage and believe you can’t make laws based on religious belief. I am for the right to bear arms, but believe there needs to be reasonable restrictions on who can own and what type of weapons can be owned. I am for the legalization of marijuana for medical use and think the concept of a dry county is ridiculous. The Bible speaks against drunkenness, but also against gluttony. If you ban liquor stores, shouldn’t you also ban McDonalds? I drink alcohol on occasion and sometimes use profanity, especially…

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