Rejoice! Day 30 is Here!

Day 30. Final day of the challenge. It only took me 42 days to get here. I’m a little slow. Now we will see if this really has inspired me to post more or if I realize I should just stop.

Day 30 wants me to post my ups and downs of the month. This is a bad month for this one because it’s been a pretty normal month. Nothing special has happened. Nothing bad has happened. It’s been pretty uneventful.


ROCK Retreat with the youth group – it’s different now that I’m going to retreats with a youth group as a dad instead of just a youth leader.  It seemed easier when I started as a 20 something with no kids. It’s still fun, but a different dynamic.

Snow days!  – We got 22 or so inches of snow in late January. I got two full snow days and two half snow days. It was a nice break from the routine.


Snow shoveling – Shoveling 22 inches of snow is long, hard work. I broke my shovel. My back hurt. I was whiny.

No Powerball win – I’m still not wealthy and still have to go to work every day. Only 9 years to retirement!

See? I told you. Nothing that exciting. I’m very boring.


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