Day 29: Goooooal!

Day 29 wants me to wrote my goals for the next thirty days. I guess this means I need to make goals for the next thirty days? I’m not really a goal setting person. That might explain why I am a fat, out of shape man who has been in the same job for the past 20 years. Hmm. Maybe I should have thought about setting goals 20 years ago. My goals:

  1. Take my birthday leave on a day when the library is actually open and not closed for snow. This is really out of my control. I can’t change the weather. I’m only responsible for the black cloud that is always over me.
  2. Eat all of the free food I get for my birthday because I signed up for email alerts from restaurants. That will contribute to the fatness, but why change now.
  3. Read enough books to stay on track for my goal of 100 books read this year.
  4. Get people to sign up for my adult recess event at the library.
  5. Get people to come to the parent & teen book club at the library.
  6. Stop eating the candy that is ever present at work. I actually started this goal last week. So far I have been successful. This is just the candy. I will still eat donuts, cake, etc if offered. I’m not stupid.
  7. Post on the blog at least twice a week after the writing challenge is over. I would say every day, but do people really need that? I think not.
  8. Go see a movie at the theater. I love going to the movies, but never go. If I achieve goal #1 I will do it on that day.
  9. World domination.

Check back on 3/ 10 to see if I was able to accomplish any of these.


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  1. #8 for me too for sure. I actually was “onto it” yesterday to go see any latest movie but caved in at the thought of being seated for 2 hours plus the drive to get there and back (I know miserable) … Watched a movie at home with my own popcorn. Of course not the same… they have better popcorn!!!


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