Day 27: What’s Good?

Yesterday was about a part of my life I would like to improve. Today I’m supposed to write about a part of my life that’s “kicking ass” right now. This is a tough one. First, I’m not sure I’ve ever “kicked ass” at anything. I’m pretty good at several things, but I’m not “kick ass” at anything. I’m also boring and a pessimist, so I have two issues with finding an answer.

I get up in the morning. I make my daughter’s lunch. I drink coffee and read the newspaper. I go to work. I go home. I eat dinner. I watch some TV and I go to bed. Next day: lather, rinse, repeat. This isn’t all bad. I like coffee. I like reading the paper. I like my job. I like being home at night watching TV with my family. It is a nice life. I’m not sure you would call any of it me “kicking ass.” I’m adequate and bland. If beige was a person it would be me. I could be used as a human sleep aid.

I’m also not someone who is good at finding the good. I don’t see the glass as half empty. I see the glass as stolen or and/or shattered. I think I’m even a little scared of the positive. If I admit something is “kick ass” in my life then it will all go bad. If I assume the worst I am ready for it and pleasantly surprised when terrible things don’t happen. So, I spend my time writing about this and how boring I am to avoid posting something too positive. I know it’s dumb, but that’s who I am.

Do I believe any of what I just wrote? I don’t know, but it filled up a post without me trying to think of an actual answer, so I call that a win for me.

By the way: if you are some strange person who reads this blog every day, be aware that I will be on a trip with the church youth group this weekend and will not be posting. You can read my Facebook for some dumb one liners I post while I’m away.


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