Day 25: Think of a Word, Any Word

Day 25’s challenge is to think of a word, search it on google images and write something inspired by the 11th picture. I tried a few words and was not a fan of the picture. It probably would have been easier had I used words like love, joy, patience and other boring words like that. Instead I tried shenanigans and hooligans and then settled on my third word, discombobulated. Here is the image:


I think this is perfect to describe how I feel a lot during the day when I try to figure out why people seem so dumb. I drive and I think about the way people drive and I’m confused. Why are they driving so slow in the left lane? Why won’t people use turn signals? Why won’t they turn right on red? Why are they texting and driving? I’m very confused about why no one can drive properly.

I go to Starbucks and I’m confused. Why does it take so long to order your coffee? Why have you stood in line this long and wait until you get to the register to decide what you want? Why do you think the barista is your friend? Why do you keep talking to them? It’s slowing down the coffee making.

I apply for jobs and I’m confused. Why does no one think my 20 years of experience is good enough? Why am I not better at interviewing? Why is the interview more important than the experience?  Why do I keep applying for new jobs when I don’t hate my current job? Is it an addiction?

I could keep going.  I know it will sound conceited and it probably is but I spend a lot of my day confused because so many people around me seem dumber than me. Or at least seem like they have less common sense or lack the ability to think logically. People who are around me a lot are probably not surprised by this. I tend to rant a lot. I should record my rants and then transcribe them in to blog posts. I would never lack for material.

3 thoughts on “Day 25: Think of a Word, Any Word

  1. CaledonAcres February 3, 2016 / 1:42 pm

    <> I read the whole post and my first reaction was “so what’s the word? I’m confused.” Then I Googled ‘discombobulated’ and learned something new today 🙂


  2. CaledonAcres February 3, 2016 / 1:44 pm

    …I keep forgetting HTML doesn’t like the use of “”… it said ///ESL “student” over here/// not sure if you can edit the first comment and get rid of this one.


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