On Day 24 We Can Do This the Hard Way Or

Actually, to complete the challenge I have to stick to the hard way. The challenge is to write about a lesson I learned the hard way. This is a hard one because I’m pretty sure the only lessons I have ever learned I have learned the hard way.  I can’t really think of anything I’ve ever learned the easy way. Is that a thing? I don’t think it is.

Some lessons I’ve learned the hard way:

The fruit punch hooch is stronger than you think. You will find that out when you stand up. Stand up earlier next time.

Excessive partying leads to minimal studying. Minimal studying leads to bad grades. Less partying, more studying is the path to success.

Sometimes to break destructive habits you need to remove yourself from your social circle. If you are doing these things with a group and still hang out with the group you will do it again. This is a lesson I tried to pass on to the inmates at HDC. Some listened.

Explore your options. Don’t decide before college what you think you want to do. Too long on the wrong path will delay your graduation and keep you from finding what makes you happy.

Be careful who you trust. There are asshats out there who will use what you tell them against you.

You will know who your real friends are in the bad times. It’s easy to be there when things are fun.

It really isn’t what you know. It really is who you know. It sucks, but it’s true.

Hard work gets you so far. Schmoozing and networking gets you farther. I suck at schmoozing and networking.

Sometimes you are the only person on whom you can depend. Counting on others for help sometimes leads to failure.

Don’t eat the yellow snow. No, I didn’t actually learn that the hard way, but seriously, don’t eat the yellow snow.

If you are funny people will like you. Or at least pretend to like you. I’m pretty sure they’re just pretending.

And, seriously, stop drinking the hooch already.


4 thoughts on “On Day 24 We Can Do This the Hard Way Or

  1. I was actually waiting ever so patiently for your post 😉 definitely made me nod my head at most of them and laugh out loud at the one with “don’t eat the yellow snow!”. I have 3 large dogs that share 3 acres. 2 of them would mark around the fence line, but the one (princess) puts her a$$ down anywhere and drives me nuts because we have friends come over and I just have to say “watch the stains” as we walk in the yard and someone ALWAYS says “don’t eat the yellow snow!”

    Liked by 1 person

      1. YES! Absolutely! In the summer I find it to be worst. I try to clean it up, but they blend in so well, and again, with 3 dogs is just a matter of time before someone curses the dogs (again!) hahaha


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