Day 22 is Easy Like Sunday Morning

Day 22 is an easy, and quite frankly, boring challenge. I’m supposed to put my music on shuffle and post the first ten songs. I’ve done this one before on Facebook and an earlier challenge was another post songs one. At least it is an easy one to do quickly while I wait for my family to get ready for church. I link to youtube on the songs so you can listen(not that you will). Spoiler alert: The song referenced in the title is not included. Spoiler alert 2: #5 is not for people who might be offended by profanity.

  1. Smooth Criminal – Alien Ant Farm
  2. We Are the Lucky Ones – People on Vacation
  3. Set the Sun on Fire – Patent Pending
  4. Better Off Dead – People on Vacation
  5. No Meat – Stephen Lynch
  6. Boom Boom Pass the Mushroom – Patent Pending
  7. Rolling in the Deep – Adele
  8. What I Got – Sublime
  9. Famous – Hollywood Ending
  10. First World Anarchist – The Dollyrots

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