Day 17: What’s Your Sign?

So, I’m obviously failing at this whole daily writing challenge. I’ve had plenty of time between shoveling rounds to write, but I still haven’t done it. So, I’m just now on day 17. Day 17 asks me to pot my zodiac sign and if it fit me. I don’t believe in all of that astrology stuff, but I am very good at following directions, so here goes.

My birthday is February 16(only a few weeks left to buy gifts!) so that makes me Aquarius. According to a random website this means I am witty, clever, humanitarian, inventive and original. My weaknesses are that I am stubborn, unemotional, sarcastic, rebellious and aloof. There’s a lot more written about the sign, but I’m to lazy to read through it all.

Looking at what I did read I’m thinking there might be something to this after all(not really). I am quite witty and clever. I do like to help others. I can’t say that I am that original or inventive, though. I can be stubborn, but in most case just go with whatever other people decide. I might seem unemotional most of the time, but that’s just because I hide my emotions because it’s easier than revealing too much of myself. I am always sarcastic. I don’t see that as a weakness. It is my best feature. I am not rebellious at all. I am a rule follower. I can seem aloof, but I care a lot more than I let on.

So, the lesson here is probably that I could look at any of the signs and find things that might or might not fit me. I think the trick to astrology is to make everything vague enough so that it is one size fits all. That way it is easier to believe it actually means something.

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