Day 16 – What I Miss

This challenge comes on the morning that my son is heading back to school and my daughter is in the middle of high school midterms so what I miss is easy. I miss when my kid were little and not moved out and close to leaving. I miss the simpler times when school wasn’t stressful and I spent most of my time off outside with the kids. I miss playing catch in the backyard, playing basketball in the driveway, taking them to the playground and just spending so much time with them. I miss the early days of coaching baseball before other adults sucked the joy out of the game. I miss winters at the gym watching and coaching basketball. I miss the drive to gymnastics with Jessica and waving at her when she walked past during class. I miss the dance studio and being a part of the recitals in the dad’s dance(or I will miss dad’s dance when it happens this year). I miss snow days when we couldn’t wait to go out and play in the snow. I miss Candyland and Chutes and Ladders. I miss my little kids, but I love my young adults. Now I need to stop typing so I can go somewhere to cry.


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