Day 13: I Get Excited

The Day 13 challenge is to write about what I am excited about. I’m not the most excitable person. I’m pretty sure the only reason I am upright and awake is a steady stream of caffeine. Cut off my caffeine and I won’t function. I would have to upgrade to cocaine to be get all the way to excited. So, I will talk about the things that upgrade me mood to “I’m awake” to “I’m mildly interested”

  1. New Music from my Favorite Artists: I do actually sing quite a bit when alone in my car. At times I might look almost alive while belting out my favorite songs. I love when my favorite artists release new music. If you read my Facebook you can see that. I post the videos there all the time. I’m pretty sure no one actually listens to them.
  2. New Books from my Favorite Authors: A new book by Chris Moore and Stephen King will perk me up a little bit. My favorite Christmas gifts are always the Stephen King books I’ve bought that year so my wife can wrap them and give them to me. That, and the homemade goodies I get on Christmas Eve. You can always win a fat guy over with homemade goodies. I get even more excited of Chris’s books because that usually means he has the misfortune of seeing me in person again and being forced to pretend he likes me. Poor Chris.
  3. Vacation: I love to travel and I love not being a work.Vacations are great.
  4. The New TV Season: I think I missed my calling. I should be working at Entertainment Weekly. I love the announcements of the new TV schedules. I love trying the new shows to see if they are any good. I even like reading the EW issues on the Fall TV season, Summer TV and Winter TV. I have a problem.
  5. Retirement: In 9 years I can retire and spend all of my time traveling, reading, watching TV, listening to music and finding new things to be excited about.

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