Challenge Day 11 What If?

The day 11 challenge is to write about something you always think
“What if?” about. I don’t really do a lot of real “What if” thinking. I do sometimes think about what would change if I went back to high school and lived life knowing what I know now, but I don’t think that is really what we are looking for here. I did think of a couple of scenarios once I started considering it.

  1. What if my dad had not died while I was a senior in high school – What would the family dynamic be today if my dad were still alive? How would he feel about the adult me? What type of relationship would he have with my kids? What would he think of what I’ve done with my life?
  2. When we first moved to the DC area I worked as a temporary librarian for a service while I was looking for a job. I was placed for a week at a law firm with offices across from the White House. I ate lunch in a park with a view of the White House. My second placement was with The World Bank. I think it was just a couple of days. A day after  I was offered the full time contract position with Maryland Correctional Education the service called to tell me they had a placement for me that could become a permanent position. I declined because I thought it was safer to take the guaranteed position. I still wonder what that job was, if it would have been permanent and if that could have helped me avoid 20 years in jail.

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