I Wanna Be a Billionaire

There has been a lot of talk at work today about the lottery and what we would do with the money. I told people I was going to buy the Playboy Mansion and live with Hugh for a while, but I wouldn’t really do that. Here is what I say I would actually do if I won the lottery:

  1. Sign the ticket
  2. Hire my accountant/wife as my financial advisor(although she is sometimes surprisingly bad at math)
  3. Claim the money quick because I would be afraid I would lose the ticket.
  4. Remain anonymous
  5. Quit my job
  6. Set up trust funds for the kids
  7. Pay off the debts of my family members
  8. Buy my mom a house
  9. Buy a better car, but not an extravagant car
  10. Remodel my basement to make it nicer for social events/man cave
  11. Enjoy life
  12. Travel a lot and in first class
  13. Splurge responsibly

I would like to think I would stick to this and not make ridiculous purchases, but who knows how crazy millions of dollars might make me. There is still a part of me that would want to use the money to buy a stake in a professional sports team. Someone would need to talk me down from that. I would also be tempted to hire a car service to drive me everywhere because I hate driving. I guess I could just Uber.

Of course, I will be lucky if I win $4. If I won $4, I would go blow it all at Krispy Kreme. I’m a wild man.


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