Challenge Day 5: Oh The Places I’ll Go

Day 5 of the writing challenge is to list five places I would like to visit. A much simpler, less introspective challenge. I’m glad I got this one on a Saturday. Who wants to be introspective on a weekend?

  1. Australia: Let’s go to the land down under and have a Vegemite sandwich while we throw another shrimp on the barbie, mate. I can’t really explain while Australia is the top of my list. I can’t even name one major thing(besides kangaroos) that I want to see there. I’ve just always wanted to go.
  2. Ireland: I’ve been London. I’ve been to France. I’ve seen your underpants. But I never made it to Ireland while I was in the area. We planned to go back to London while we had family there and then to hit Ireland while there, but they moved back to Kentucky before we got there. So, this one is on the list as “the one that got away.” even though it didn’t really get away. It’s still right where it’s always been.
  3. San Francisco: The number one place in the US I want to visit. I’ve only been to California once and I never left the area of the conference. I need to get back to California and actually see something. San Francisco seems like the most interesting of the California cities.
  4. Spain: Another of the major European countries I missed the two times I toured the area. Again, a place where I couldn’t tell you one actual thing I want to see, but still has been on my list of places to go for a while. I guess it is the idea of Spain more than the specific places in Spain.
  5. This place in Finland. We went to Finland, but didn’t have time to head north. Since then, I’ve seen this picture several times. Now I want to stay here and see the Northern Lights
  6. kakslauttanen_igloos_3598

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