In Day 3 of the Challenge I Feed My Pet Peeves

Today’s prompt for the writing challenge is to talk about my top three pet peeves, so here they are

  1. Lateness: It drives me crazy when people are late. My belief is that early is on time, one time is late and late is unacceptable. Lateness shows a lack of respect for the other people involved and for the event/activity planned.  I don’t understand why it is so hard to be on time. I can understand an occasional occurrence when traffic is bad or something unexpected happens, but I don’t get constant lateness. It shows either a lack of discipline or the aforementioned lack of respect. Now, of course, since I typed this I will be late for work today.
  2. Bad Drivers: I suffer from road rage. It is a problem that I need to work on, but one thing that would help is better driving from others. People just don’t seem to be able to drive anymore. They drive too fast, drive too slow, drive slow in the left lane, text, switch lanes without signaling, driving with no lights in rain and fog, etc, etc. Just yesterday I had someone pull in to the right turn only lane, turn on the left turn signal and then wait to turn left. Later I was almost hit by someone who didn’t yield to the traffic in a traffic circle and then got stuck behind someone driving way below the speed limit. This is a daily thing. People just can’t drive, unless they are driving me crazy.
  3. The “I don’t read/watch TV/care about your petty stuff” people: I’ve blogged about this one before. The people who respond to talk about books with “I don’t have time to read” or TV discussions with “I don’t watch/own a TV” or post on social media that they “didn’t even know x award show was even on” Somehow, they think this makes them look better than the people who do such “petty” things. Guess what? It only makes you look like an asshole. Just stop.

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