Today’s Hot Tater Takes

  1. New York City: This one is late. I planned to do a whole post about the good and bad of NYC, but now it is just a part of a bigger post. I love NYC and would move there tomorrow if I had the chance. It is crowded and the constant blaring of horns would drive me crazy. I’m not even sure what the blaring of the horns is supposed to do. It is NYC. Traffic sucks. Horns won’t make it better. I love the city life, though. I love the ability to walk or take the subway anywhere I need to go. I don’t find the people abrasive and even saw people jump to help when a woman was having trouble getting her strollers up the stairs in the subway station. Alas, I am stuck in the suburbs of Maryland.
  2. Job Interviews: I suck at job interviews. I’m surprised I ever got a job in the first place. It’s just not something I will ever be good at. I get nervous, I talk to fast and I don’t say well what I want to say. The last interview was for a job I know I could do well. I saw the questions beforehand and knew I could answer them well but when I got in the room I got nervous and did not answer them the way I knew I could. I need to work for a privately owned company where the owner could and would promote people based on work product and not how well they answer questions over a 45 minute period. At least  I looked good while doing it.
  3. Religion and Hate: Both sides of this. If your religion requires you to hate people, you might want to reconsider your faith. If you are killing people or protesting at funerals because of your religion you are doing it wrong. I don’t care where you are from or what god you claim to worship. Also, hating everyone of one religion because of the actions of a few needs to stop. Christians blame all Muslims for the actions of the terrorists but don’t want to be associated with Westboro Baptist and abortion clinic bomber. I’ve seen people from my hometown posting picture of burning Qurans, demand that Muslims be kept out of the country, etc and then cry religious persecution because someone said Happy Holidays. Can we all grow up and stop getting our talking points from the Internet?
  4. My Team Losing: UK football once again had a losing season. The Ravens  are 4-8. The Braves won’t be good for a while, if ever. If it wasn’t for Kentucky basketball I might consider giving up sports. The worst part of the bad teams are the bad decisions and the refusal to make changes. UK obviously needs changes to the coaching staff, but the HC insist he stands by his assistants. I hope someone talks some sense in to him. He can recruit, but he needs someone who can fix the offense. The Ravens won’t fire the DC even though the defense has gotten consistently worse under him. The Ravens are starting Matt Schaub for some strange reason instead of giving toe rookie from preseason a chance. The funniest thing I read today is that the NFL is investigating the Ravens concussion protocol after Schaub hit his head and stayed in the game. I really hope the other options aren’t so bad that they would keep a concussed Matt Schaub in the game. I’m also doing really bad in fantasy football again.
  5. Bad Writing:  It’s obvious due to the fact that I have a blog that I want to write. Unfortunately, that is something else I will never be great at. I’m jealous of the people who can write books, screenplays, poetry or even good blogs. This is as good as I get. I guess I won’t quit my day job.


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