Today’s Hot Tater Takes

1. BOGO Offers at Restaurants: A friend at work handed me a page of Sonic coupons because I am weirdly addicted to tater tots. All of the food coupons are buy one get one’s. I hate buy one get one coupons. What if I was a sad, lonely person who had no one to take to lunch? I either don’t use the coupons or I eat two meals. Is that fair? Do that really want to make me a fat, sad, lonely person? There should be a “loser” option to get one item for half price instead of the buy one get one. Then everyone wins, well, not really. Your food is cheap, but you are still eating alone.

2.Outrage is all the Rage: Red Starbucks cups, Bloomingdale’s ads, NFL uniforms, etc, etc. ad nauseam. Every day there is something new to be outraged about. We aren’t happy anymore unless we have something to spark our outrage.Unfortunately, we are putting all of our energy into this outrage over stupid stuff. Imagine if we used all that energy toward making an actual difference in the world.

3. Unthinking Sharers: Most of my Facebook feed these days are just people sharing memes and articles. Sometimes these are really funny or really good articles. Many times they are not funny and not good. Too many times it is articles with “facts” that have been shown as false on sites like Snopes. Sometimes the facts are correct, but the article is clearly taking things out of context to further an agenda. Today’s article like that was “Liberal Jennifer Lawrence is ashamed to be from Kentucky” when in the interview she clearly said “People like Kim Davis make me embarrassed to be from Kentucky” I’ve said similar things and I am not embarrassed to be fro Kentucky. I’m jut embarrassed to have things in common with certain people.

4. “Is that Still on?” and “Who is that” People: Post something online about a long running how like Survivor or Grey’s Anatomy and you almost always get someone who will post “Is that still on?” so that we all know that they don’t waste their time on such trivial pursuits. They are so far removed from low brow culture, they didn’t realize there were still such things as “television programs”. They pity us lesser folk with so little taste for the finer things in life. Some thing happens with articles like the above mentioned Jennifer Lawrence post. There were the “I don’t know who that is” posts in reference to Lawrence. They obviously want to make us all aware that a good God fearing conservative won’t waste their time on liberal, lefty Hollywood. I just read my Bible and watch the 700 Club. Only sinners know these commie movie stars.

5. Numbered lists: Don’t you hate people who blog with numbered lists? Seems lazy to me.

3 thoughts on “Today’s Hot Tater Takes

  1. chemrat November 13, 2015 / 2:10 pm

    I absolutely love your annoyances…it is as if you are reading my mind, lol

    Liked by 1 person

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