Ravens Off Season To-Do List

I doubt they will do most of these, but here is my wish list for the Ravens this off season:

1. Fire the coordinators. The defense is getting progressively worst under Pees. He shouldn’t have his job now. His really should be a mid season firing. Secondary coach should go as well.

2. Flacco has to restructure his contract. He’s due to make way too much money next year. We need money to build a decent team. If he refuses to restructure, maybe it’s time to trade him and start over.

3. Beg Steve Smith to reconsider retirement and/or sign a good veteran receiver. I think Aiken, Campanaro and Brown have potential, but they aren’t ready to carry an offense and Flacco isn’t good enough to elevate their games. We need someone like Smith in there with them.

4. Fix the secondary. It’s obvious the players we have now are not good enough. A combination of the draft and free agency can hopefully hp,ale this better. Again, we need some of the Flacco money back to do this. We can’t assume they will somehow miraculously be better.

5. Figure out if this rash of injuries is due to a change in the way they practice or condition. Maybe there’s noting there, but it should be looked at .

6. Find a decent LT. Probably via draft. We can’t fix WR, secondary and LT in free agency. Maybe we can get a good young LT via our high draft pick.

7. The big thing is just for the leadership to stop thinking we will be OK with what we have. Loyalty is nice, but we aren’t paying Harbaugh and Newsome to be nice. The leadership has to be willing to fire coaches who aren’t getting results. We have no problem cutting and trading players. We have to be the same with coaches. 


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