TV Tonight, September 29, 2015

A few more premieres tonight, so a little more to report. I will go back to the network by network list.

ABC: The Mulpets, Fresh Off the Boat, premiere of SHIELD, repeat of Quantico

CBC: NCIS, NCIS: New Orleans, Limitless

FOX: premiere of Grandfathered, premiere of Grinder, Scream Queens

NBC: The Voice for two hours, Best Time Ever

CW: iHeartradio Music Festival

The new shows:

Grandfathered: John Stamos plays a philandering restauranteur who learns he has a son and a granddaughter. Josh Peck from Drake and Josh plays the son. I like Stamos and Peck and think this could be really good.

Grinder: Rob Lowe plays an actor who has played a lawyer on TV. He goes back to his home town and decides playing a lawyer on TV means he should be able to join his famil’s law firm. Fred Savage plays his brother. This might be the best new comedy in a while.

This is where Tuesday starts to get tricky for me. I have to record the NCIS’s for my wife when she is away, but there we two other shows each hour I want to watch. I have high hopes for both of the new Fox comedies and both have been well reviewed. I also love Fresh Off The Boat. I still watch Shield and liked the premiere of Scream Queens. So, I will have to record NCIS and one of the 8:30 comedies while recording the other on another TV. At 9, I will record the other NCIS and Shield while watching Scream Queens on an alternate TV. This is the only night of the week with enough decent shows  to cause a problem. 

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