What’s On TV Tonight, September 22, 2015

Tuesday nights are the busiest night for my DVR, but the first few are lighter with the CW shows starting later. This will give me time to try some of the new shows.

ABC: the Muppets return, Fresh Off The Boat, Dancing With the Stars


NBC: The Voice, Best Time Ever

FOX: Two hour premiere of Scream Queens

CW: repeats

Notable on cable: not much, maybe Public Morals in TNT

Unfortunately, the NCIS shows take up valuable Tuesday space because my wife watches them. They aren’t bad, but I’d rather use DVR space for other things. Fresh Off a the Boat is hilarious. I’ve never been a fan of The Muppets and Best Time Ever was a mediocre time at best. I would like to love Scream Quuens, but I’ve never stuck with a Ryan Murphy show. I wasn’t planning on watching Limitless, but it is getting really good reviews. So, I will watch Fresh Off the Boat and record Scream Queens and Limitless to watch at some point while others in the house watch NCIS.


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  1. Tonight, I would watch the Muppets, because fond memories. That said, I won’t be watching anything because tonight is the night I stitch with friends. I’ll try to catch it On Demand. I have no idea what Limitless is about, so maybe I’ll tune in when I get home.


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