My Republican Debate Thoughts

I watched both the JV and Varsity debates last night As a registered Republican(would change to Independent if I could vote in primaries), I will be voting on which one of these people will be the nominee for president next year. Here are some impressions from last night:

JV Debate:

Lindsey Graham was a very funny and personable warmonger.

Bobby Jindal looked like a 12 year old wearing his dad’s suit trying very hard to get someone to take him seriously.

Rick Santorum is way too interested in a theocracy.

George Pataki actually impressed me and is someone I could vote for in the primaries. Very smart and willing to go against the party line on topics.

Varsity debate:

There are way too many candidates to go through each one. The debate was a mess, The moderators were horrible. They focused way too much on what Trump has said instead of the actual issues. Very poor job by CNN.

Trump is an orange misogynist bully and liar who has no business anywhere near the White House. If you watched last night and came away thinking he looks like the best choice, I question your intelligence.

I was very disturbed to hear both doctors pretend that there is any reason to be concerned about vaccines. I expected better from both. Carson seems like he was kept up past his bed time.

The ones I thought did well in the debate and for whom I would actually consider voting – Carly Fiorina, Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio. I think Rubio had the strongest showing off the three.

I think the Republicans need to stop worrying about catering to the right wing extreme and start worrying about how to appeal to the rest of the country. Show the ability to think for yourself and publicly disagree with the party on an issue and I will be more likely to support you.


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