Church Fight Club

I think it is interesting to see posts from church people who think they would be happy if only everyone was just like them. Get rid of the people who disagree with their beliefs and everything would be A-OK. I’ve written some about this thinking here – The Slippery Slope and I’m gonna write about it here. Unfortunately, while there are many lovely people who attend church regularly(Like me) there are others who still won’t be happy even if everyone started attending a Christian church. Here are some of the things people will fight about within the church:

  • No musical instruments vs hymns with organ vs full praise band
  • suit and tie vs dress pants and polo vs shorts and t-shirt
  • dresses vs pants for women
  • parsonage vs no parsonage(saw a big fight about this as a kid)
  • full immersion baptism vs sprinkling
  • only men allowed to teach/preach vs women can teach but not preach vs women preachers
  • pre-tribulation rapture vs post-tribulation rapture
  • wine vs grape juice at communion

I’m sure there are plenty more I’m missing. The point of this is just to point out that some people will never be happy and need someone to fight and something to fight about. If there is no one outside the church to fight(and sometimes even is there is) they will find things to fight within. Again, this is a small number of people. Most of the people I have encountered in my church life are wonderful, loving people. Unfortunately, the others are the loud ones who get all of the attention and are all over social media expressing their discontent. I don’t think this is what we want people to see and experience from the church, We need to be better.

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