What We Have Here Is Failure to Communicate

I always think it is interesting to note who will respond to messages and who will not. I spend a lot of time online on Twitter, Facebook, email, etc and am not shy about tweeting to a “celebrity” if they tweet something for which I have a response. I have sent messages to people of note either to comment on their work or to invite them to an event. Sometimes I get a response and sometimes I don’t. Generally, a very big star will not answer because they have too many people trying to get their attention.  I’ve also noticed that people who aren’t really celebrities, like local media, also tend not to reply. I’m not sure if this is some sort of inflated sense of self worth or what, but it drives me crazy when they won’t even respond with a no thank you. You aren’t “big” enough to completely ignore people.  Show some common courtesy and acknowledge the request, question, etc.  Below are some examples of people who have and have not responded to me:

Governor Bob Ehrlich – his office called me to send his regrets

Governor Martin O’Malley – sent a nice note with regrets

Pat Sajak – sent me a nice note with regrets, but wished me luck with my event

Ashley Judd – has responded to me on twitter several times.

Meg Gardiner – has talked to me on twitter several times

Christopher Moore – still answers my messages even though I’m sure he regrets answering the random email from a stalker fan years ago

Kirker Butler – answers my messages even though I’m not sure he knew who I was in high school

Everyone at FOX 45 I have ever contacted. Amy Fadool judged my Idol event several times

Gregg Doyel – nationally known sports writer has actually read my blog a few times

There are probably more I’m forgetting.

The type of people who ignore me:

random local media types from various organizations, unaffiliated local meteorologists

Seems to me if the above list can take the time to answer a question, invitation, etc the local people could do the same.


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