The 2015 Fall TV Schedule

Here is my much awaited(by no one) post about the fall 2015 tv schedule. My quick take is that it is kind of boring. My night by night what I will watch is below the grid stolen from

Sunday Night: not much exciting here. We will continue watching Madam Secretary and Brooklyn 99 and Last Man on Earth if I catch up on this season over the summer. I don’t think any of the new shows sound like they are worth watching, but the Don Johnson factor might make me give Oil a try. 

Monday Night: I used to watch The Voice regularly, but it’s on way too much and I don’t like it enough to commit to that many hours a week. I know a lot of people don’t like how Gotham is twisting the stories, but since I don’t care about the source material that much, I’m enjoying it and will keep watching. Otherwise, Supergirl is the only show I will watch. Dawn watches Scorpion, but I’m not a fan.

Tuesday Night: this is the busy night for me. Too much stuff in and not enough DVR/time to watch. I lose 2 hours of DVR time recording the NCIS shows for Dawn, so that sucks. I don’t watch either one. Flash and iZombie are two  of my favorite new shows this season. Fresh Off the Boat is the best new comedy this season and I think The Grinder has potential to be very good. We still watch SHIELD even though we are weeks behind right now. I also really want to watch Scream Queens, I guess we will start using On Demand a lot more next season.

Wednesday Night: we still like The Middle and we watch Arrow. We will continue to record them while watching Survivor on another TV. It is one of the few shows I still insist on watching live. We will continue watching Modern Family and I assume Jessica will keep watching Supernatural. I will probably try Code Black. I like hospital shows and this one looks high on medical drama and low on soap opera type story lines.

Thursday Night:  i will follow up on the Code Black lack of soap opera type stores with the admission that I still watch Grey’s Anatomy. Jessica watches Vampire Diaries and I also still watch Bones, so two wlll be recorded and one watched live on another Tv. Otherwise, Blacklist will be what we watch. Though, I love Maggie Lawson, so that might make me watch Angel From Hell even though I think  Jane Lynch is overrated.

Friday Night:  I still love Amazing Race and Jessica and I are fans of Last Man Standing. I will probably try People are Talking because I like Mark-Paul Gosselaar and Tone Bell.  We will watch Grimm and Dawn will watch Hawaii Five-0 and I will continue to watch Blue Bloods.

Saturday Night:  Nothing to see here until BBC shows start.

Midseason: DC Legends of a Tomorrow, The 100 and Night Shift are three I hope start sooner rather than later. 

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