What the Duck?

Yesterday in Facebook trending topics I found articles about the guy from Duck Dynasty speaking at an event. During the speech, he told a story which was basically the plot of a snuff film about an atheist family being raped and murdered. I’m not even sure what point he was trying to make with the story. Non-Christians don’t know that murder and rape is wrong? Non-Christians deserve to be murdered and raped? Christians are safe from murder and rape? If anyone has a clue what exactly his “snuff parable” means, please let me know.

What I do know is that this is not the person Christians should be holding up as an example. We spend so much time talking about doing what Jesus would do. Jesus loved. Jesus healed. Jesus taught us to love our enemies. To do unto others as we would have them do unto us. He ate with sinners. He spread his message without spreading hate. It seems these days that many Christians would prefer to laud the loud and the hateful and/or the modern day Pharisees who care more about rules than people. We won’t reach the world by telling the world stories about murder and rape. We won’t reach the world by telling them what they have to change before we will love them. We will reach the world through love.

Want to do what Jesus did? Love.


4 thoughts on “What the Duck?

  1. While (a) it was probably a pretty bad movie and (b) I have most likely already seen it, I’d be interested if they said what the title was. I mean, all slasher films (and most so-called snuff films) have a very strong moral bent to them, in that it’s always the “wicked” who get punished, but if he’s talking about something that might actually be considered a Christian snuff film, I’d be very interested in knowing what it was. (Note that I am taking that as “this guy proselytizing about it gives it added religious weight”, rather than “oh, dude, Kirk Cameron made a snuff film?”…)


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