What’s on TV Tonight, September 25, 2014

Another night with not much on that I plan to watch. Looks like as much as I talk about a possible DVR crisis, I won’t watch enough this year to really have one. Last night I did try Black-ish. It seemed OK, but I was half asleep through a good portion of it. I am happy that it seems Survivor will have a strong season this time around. So, on to the list

NBC – Biggest Loser(2 hours), Parenthood
FOX – Bones, repeat of Sleepy Hollow
ABC – Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal(Grey’s In the White House), How to Get Way With Murder(Grey’s in law school)
CBS — Thursday Night Football
Cable – Project Runway on Lifetime

The only series premiere tonight is How to Get Away With Murder. Another Shonda Rhimes show, this one about first years law students. If you like Grey’s and/or Scandal you should watch this.

Normally. I would just recommend football, but I have to admit that I am addicted to Grey’s, so I will start football late to watch Grey’s first. I’m also a big fan of Bomes, but we still haven’t watched the end of last season, so I will have to record it. I will also give How to Get Away With Murder a shot at some point. So, my advice, watch Grey’s and then football. Record Bones and Murder for later.


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