What’s on TV Tonight, September 23, 2014

The first Tuesday of the new season and the first night I will actually be home to watch shows. All I managed to watch last night was Scorpion. It was OK, my family loved it, but not one I would be sad to see canceled early. So, tonight…

NBC – another 2 hours of The Voice followed by Chicago Fire
FOX – Utopia, New Girl, Mindy Project
ABC – Dancing With the Stars, Agents of SHIELD, Forever
CBS – NCIS. NCIS: New Orleans, Person of Interest
I see nothing of note on cable.

The only new show premiering to tonight is The newest edition to the NCIS family that I shall call NCIS: GUMBO. This is NCIS relocated to New Orleans and starring Scott Bakula in the Mark Harmon role. I like Scott Bakula and NCIS isn’t horrible, but I think Dawn will be the only person at our house watching this. If you are a big fan of NCIS you will probably enjoy this.

My suggestion: watch The Voice until 9, switch to Shield and finish The Voice later. I like New Girl, but my DVR can’t record Voice and New Girl while we watch Shield. I should really upgrade to the new one that can. I will also be recording the entire CBS lineup for my wife who is apparently an elderly person with a love for CBS procedurals.


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