What’s on TV Tonight, September 18, 2014 plus a small review of Red Band Society

I’m combining the two because there’s not much on TV tonight. ABC and FOX have repeats. NBC has Biggest Loser and CBS has football. FX has the finales of Married and You’re the Worst and Project Runway is on Lifetime. Watch football.

I decided to give Red Band Society a try since there was nothing else on TV last night. The show is about of group of kids with illnesses that require long term hospitilaztion. It is narrated by a kid in a coma. There are many reasons to decide not too like the show. The hospital is too nice. The rich hypochondriac who lives in the hospital because he is leaving his money to it after he dies. The seeming lack of supervision of the kids and visitation by parents. But, the cast is good and the show is surprisingly funny and touching. Octavia Spencer is great as the nurse. I didn’t like it enough to give up other shows to make room in the DVR, but I will watch if there are no conflicts. Jessica really liked it and says she plans to watch it regularly.


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