What’s on TV Tonight 9/16/14

The fall season doesn’t really start until Sunday, but there are a few things on tonight, so I thought I would state early. Maybe I should do this every day since I can’t think of other stuff to write. So, here’s what’s on tonight.

NBC – America’s Got Talent – final six perform
FOX – Utopia, premieres of New Girl and The Mindy Project
ABC – Dancing With the Stars – first elimination show
Notable on cable – Sons of Anarchy on FX, Brickleberry premiere on Comedy Central

Really not much worth watching yet. I always lose interest in AGT after the auditions and totally lost interest this season when they eliminated some really good magicians to move through mediocre singers. I’ve heard Utopia is horrible and I’ve never watched an episode of Dancing With the Stars. I still haven’t watched Sons of Anarchy, so I’m waiting to catch up via Netflix or DVDs from the library once it is over. I watch New Girl, but am kind of meh about it these days. My advice – find a baseball game to watch, catch up on shows you have dvred or read a book.


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