May the Norse Be With You Part 2 – Aurland and Flam

We left Oslo on Sunday afternoon and headed for Aurland and the fjords(much more fun to say if you use the hard j). We stopped along the way a few times to enjoy the scenery and to cross a wobbly bridge. drive3

drive1 We got to Aurland later that afternoon and checked into our room. It was not really a hotel, just a place with apartments and cabins. We had a two bedroom with a kitchen and this view. hotelviewa

The next day we slept in a little and then did a long day with a 4 hour round trip boat tour of the fjord. boat boat2 The views along the tour were great and I was envious of the people who lived in the village on the water where no cars could reach. They have the longest life span in Norway, some say because of the purity of the water. After the boat tour, we did a round trip train ride from Flam to Myrdal and back. The train went up the mountain and past a waterfall. It wasn’t quite as scary as I thought it would be. We stopped at the waterfall for photo ops.train train2

We got back from the train very late, so that was it for the day.

The following day, we got up early and made the 2 hour drive to the glacier. To get to the glacier, we drove through a 24 km tunneltunnel There were three rest stops in the tunnel, i guess in case you wanted to take pictures or if you got nervous about being underground for so long and needed a break. We arrived at the glacier visitor’s center where we were told it was a 45 minute walk to the glacier. Once we got to the parking area to start the walk, we could see the glacier and couldn’t understand how it would take 45 minutes to walk there. Turns out the “walk” was over boulders, up rock surfaces and some areas where they had a rope for you to use to help climb. It wasn’t hard, but not what i would classify as a “walk”. It was worth it to see the glacier.glacier1 glacier2 glacier3 We stopped on the way back at a historical Stave Church stave1 and then went back to Flam that night to buy souvenirs and then prepared to head to our next stop.


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