May the Norse Be With You Part 1 Oslo

This year’s vacation was a trip to Norway as selected by our recent high school graduate. We headed out Thursday evening a flew overnight from DC to Olso via Newark. The flight wwent fine even with a very short layover in Newark. I was able to finally see Spiderman 2 on the flight and then actually slept a little.

We arrived at the Oslo airport Friday morning and was able to take a quick 19 minute train ride to the city center and to withing walking distance of the hotel. After checking in and resting for a little bit, we headed out to the Royal Palace for the changing of the guard. We stood there for a while and thought it would be a low key affair, but it turned out to be well worth the wait. These guards are also allowed to interact with you.  guard
From there we walked to Frogner Park were there were a lot of weird statues of naked people, then down to city hall, the pointing finger statue and the opera house. The opera house allows you to walk on the roof. It was beautiful at sunset.

cityhall frogner finger opera

The next day we went back to city hall to go inside and then took a ferry to the Viking Ship Museum and the Fram museum. Both very interesting. Probably my favorite part of Oslo.

inhall.fram viking

The next morning, before leaving we stopped at the National Gallery. We couldn’t take a picture of The Scream, but we did see work by many other famous artists, including


Will add more posts from the trip soon, with more description(hopefully).


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