Reading is Fundamental

Every year as football season approaches, Drew Magary writes a series of Why Your Team Sucks articles about each NFL team. In these articles he makes fun of the teams, the players, the coaches and the area where the team is based. I enjoy these articles and share them on Facebook. When I share them on Facebook, I pick my favorite quote from the article and quote it above the article. When quoting, I always use quotation marks. Quotation marks generally means this is a quote. The article clearly states it is written by Drew Magary, not Alan Simpson. This has not stopped people from getting mad at me for writing negative things about their area. Two years in a row this happened,

Last year, a friend from high school’s wife was apparently reading my Facebook page while logged in to her husbands Facebook. I am not friends with her on Facebook. I’m not sure I have ever even met her. When I posted the San Diego article, she took offense as something he said that she felt was negative towards the Navy. My friend from high school had been in the Navy. Anyone who actually knows me would know I have nothing but respect for those who have served. Anyone who has actually read Drew’s articles would know that you can’t take anything he writes in these articles seriously. They are meant as humor and satire. Unfortunately, this was a person who did not know me or the writing and didn’t know how to determine who actually wrote the article. Unfortunately, this has lead to me no longer being friends with her husband.

This year before I started posting them I posted a list of things you should know regarding my posting of the articles. Unfortunately, since I leave my Facebook public, friends of friends can see the posts once that mutual friend has liked or commented on it. Yesterday, a friend of a friend saw my share of the Carolina article and took offense to the quote I shared. I’m pretty sure he didn’t even bother to read the article before posting a comment insulting me and my “scant vocabulary”. My friend commented after to explain the articles and their intent, but he never bothered to come back to correct his mistake or apologize for insulting me on my Facebook because he was not smart enough to figure out who actually wrote the article(hard to do if you comment w/o actually clicking the article. A common problem on Facebook) or to figure out it was humor.

I will continue to post the articles because I think they are funny. I will continue to keep my Facebook public because I usually enjoy the occasional comment from someone I don’t actually know. I just wish people would take the time to read and think about the posts before taking offense.

One thought on “Reading is Fundamental

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    I decided to go back and look at my least read posts. I get why many of them were not read. They were really bad or on a very specific topic. This one does not fit(well, maybe it is really bad). Reblogging because Drew will soon be writing the “Why Your Team Sucks” series again and I will be sharing them on Facebook. I’m sure there will be one post that results in a random person being mad at me for what Drew wrote.


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