The New Fall TV Grid

The below grid is courtesy of It’s easier than typing it all out again myself. So, here’s what I, personally think is worth watching.

Sunday night – Now with no Amazing Race the only thing I will watch on network TV is Brooklyn Nine Nine. I might try the new comedy Mulaney, but that’s about it. In October Sunday night will be all about The Walking Dead.

Monday – Mondays are hard because I work, but I will continue recording The Voice(even though I’m getting a little bored with it), The Blacklist(love James Spader) and Sleepy Hollow. I will be adding Gotham and hope it is not a waste of my time.

Tuesday – I will continue watching Shield(it got really good) and New Girl(getting old already) and family members will be watching Supernatural and Person of Interest. New shows I will try: Selfie(Amy Pond!) and Forever.

Wednesday – we will continue to watch The Middle, Modern Family, Survivor(still love it), Arrow and the 100. I might try Black-ish because I’ve always liked Anthony Anderson.

Thursday – I will continue to watch Grey’s Anatomy, Bones and Elementary and might try Bad Judge because I love Kate Walsh.

Friday – Amazing Race, Last Man Standing, Whose Line is it Anyway, Grimm and Blue Bloods and will record Hawaii 5-0 for my wife.

Saturday – watch a movie and/ or shows recorded previously.

I will do a more in depth look at the new shows when I do my daily “what to watch tonight” posts in the fall.



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