Just Because it Could Be Worse Doesn’t Mean It’s Not Bad

I will start this post by making sure everyone realizes that I know I have a good life. I realize many people have a lot more serious problems than I will ever face. That’s kind of the point of the post, though. The above two statements does not mean that I shouldn’t be concerned, irritated or even angry about the problems I do face. There seems to be two general statements thrown out there that irritate me.

1. I shouldn’t complain because something worse happened to someone else – I realize that something worse happens to someone else many times a day every day. People are being muredred, raped, robbed, bullied, dying in accidents, dying of natural causes, fired, divorced, etc, etc. I get that. I’m happy that none of the above is happening to me. I’m living a pretty good life. Does all of that mean that I shouldn’t be irritated that MTA couldn’t figure out a way to get Dawn home before Bradley left for prom after a terrible accident? Does all of the above mean that I shouldn’t be concerned about any of the little bad things that happen to me? Am I somehow insensitive to the world as a whole because I care about things that happen in my own life? Do people really believe that nonsense? I don’t think they do. I think, in general, people just like to pull the “holier than thou” routine on occasion with the whole “how can you complain about such a petty thing when x bad thing happened over there?” So, guess what? You are now the petty thing I am complaining about.

2. Things could be worse – you don’t think I realize that? You don’t think in my life I’ve dealt with much, much worse than I am dealing with right now? I think sometimes people look at those of us who are not facing major daily struggles and assume our lives have always been easy. Trust me, my life has not always been easy. I know worse. Don’t presume to know what I’ve been through. And even if I hadn’t been through worse? Who cares? Just because it could be worse doesn’t mean it’s not bad.

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