It’s An Invisible Life

Occasionally, as I try to fall asleep at night odd thoughts cross my mind. One of those is the idea of an It’s a Wonderful Life moment. The chance to see what the world would be like if you had never been born. Of course we all want the George Bailey outcome. We see that the world is a much better place because we existed. Without us, the world is a dismal place. I would think that it would really suck if you had that moment and discovered that everyone is better off if you had never existed. That would be a hard one to deal with. Recently, though, I had had the thought that one other outcome could possibly be worse than “life is better without you” What if you had your moment and saw that your life had no impact, good or bad, on anyone?

Your family(obviously if you have kids this would not be the case)- no change. no happier, no sadder, not better or worse

Your friends – exact same life they have with you in the world.

Not one difference between the world where you exist and the one without you. I think that would be extremely depressing and worse that seeing that it is better without you.

So, make sure this doesn’t happen. Go out and make a difference(preferably for good, not bad) today.


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