Life Ain’t Fair

Everyone can’t make the team.

Everyone shouldn’t win a trophy just for showing up.

Everyone shouldn’t be punished because one person did something wrong.

The most talented people make the team, but sometimes lesser talented people make the team because of who they know.

The best players/teams win the trophies, but sometimes cheaters win.

The people who are not doing the right thing get punished individually, but sometimes they get away with it and sometimes everyone gets punished because one person broke the rules.

In a perfect world, the above buts are gone. But this isn’t a perfect world. Life isn’t fair. Nice guys finish last. Sometimes nice guys aren’t even allowed to play. Sometimes you work really hard and do your best and others who don’t get paid more, have better jobs, are liked more, etc. That’s life. It ain’t fair, but no one ever said life was fair.


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