Fair Weather Fan?

Re-posting this from last year because in addition to complaining about the team this year, I might blog about being done with one and dones later.

The World's Common Tater

Anyone who has been paying attention to college basketball this year is aware that the UK basketball team has been struggling this year and are on the wrong side of the bubble going into the last game of the regular season.  What’s worse is that on top of the struggles, they are not a fun team to watch and people are growing frustrated with the perceived lack of effort on the part of some of the players. Last night, this resulted in many complaints about the team on Twitter followed by complaints about “fair weather fans”. I don’t think these complaints make someone a fair weather fan and I admit that I was one of the complainers(shocking, I know).

A fair weather fan is not someone who complains when the team is struggling. A fair weather fan is a someone who stops watching the games when things go bad. A…

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