Done and Done with One and Done

I really hope the new NBA commissioner is successful in his attempt to change the one and done rule. I have to say that I am done with watching the one and dones. I get the philosophy that you should recruit the best players available. Purposely recruiting lesser talent seems to go against the idea of trying to be the best. I can see why coaches wouldn’t change. I understand why the players will go pro after one year. If I had been offered millions to quit school and work in my chosen profession, I would have done it in a heartbeat. As a fan, though, I hate it.

I hate that you don’t really know the players anymore. I hate that the players don’t get the time to really improve while in college. It’s much easier to deal with inconsistent freshmen when you know that in a couple of years they will be very good players on your team. It’s hard to deal with that when you know that they will leave and in a couple of years be good players for a random NBA team. It’s hard to cheer for them because they are at your school when there’s a very good chance they don’t really care about your school. College sports should be sports played by college students. If you want a minor league system, develop the D League. Don’t use college sports as a substitute semi-pro team.

I like the baseball rule. Let players go pro right after high school but if they choose to go to college they have to stay for three years or until they are 21. Use the D league to develop the players that don’t want to go to college, but aren’t quite NBA ready. Let college basketball be played by college students.


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